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Anonychat Apk Chat For Omegle

Hello Viewers! Anonychat Apk is an illustrious android App that permits their users to speak with strangers and also an Anonychat App user will share their pictures and also text messages to the strangers who become friends in these Anonychat App.

Anonychat users will chat with randomly generated strangers who are using the Anonychat App and there are many folks who are extremely inquisitive about building relationships/Friendship’s with some strangers, For those Anonychat app helps by permitting them to text directly from this App who are using Anonychat App.

Already there are many users who are really enjoyed by the Features of Anonychat App because Anonychat Apk contains the best features were you can’t find these features in any other apps like Anonychat App. A lot of users already loves AnonyChat for its features.

anonychat apk

Features of Anonychat Application

Banner Ads Removal: This is one of the top features in Anonychat Application is Banner-Add Removal. Whenever an Android user uses apps like Zanti Apk or some other Apk they found many Banner-adds which basically displays in the app and we can’t stop them. But Anonychat Application helps their users to remove adds which are displaying on the app by just simply accessing the settings of Anonychat Apk.

2. Light and Dark Theme Customization: There are many Android users who are really interested in customization of android applications like some users wish to use the application in Light themes as the other apps are previewed. and some other users are interested in dark customized applications. So Anonychat application contains both types of previews an-user can customize the app according to there wish as Light and dark theme they can use according to there wish in Anonychat application.

3. Language Matches with Stranger Friends: one of the best features were you cant find this feature in any type of messenger application. Basically, Anonychat application allows there users to text, chat and share with stranger friends who are matched in the Anonychat application. which the app randomly picks the strangers to make friendship relation bondings between them. while the random generator starts works it basically shows the profiles of users who are similar to your language this makes user-friendly. So this can be considered as one of the top features in Anonychat Application.

Notification with good sound and unique vibrations: There are many android applications like Iemu Apk or any application like Trinus Vr Apk which gives good notification with sound and vibrations. But Anonychat Application provides the notifications with pleasant sound according to the message arrived from the friends and also the awesome feature is you can switch the action to on/off the notification in the application itself now no need to go for mobile settings.

5. Chat Share: Anonychat Application allows there users to share the chat with anyone of the friend who is interacting in Anonychat application basically no other messaging app gives this best feature to share the chat with one to other friends in instant access way so these features grabs and attracted many of the users to install Anonychat application.

6. Interest: This is an ultimate feature basically messenger applications never uses but Anonychat application brings these cool features were every user can upload their interests in the profile section and before connecting to any stranger friends they can refer their interests but this is still in beta form.

Anonychat Apk File Information

App NameAnonychat Application
Version4.17 V Latest and Updated 2019 Edition
Size4.6 MB
Last UpdatedMarch 2019
Support Android VersionAndroid 4.0 and up
DeveloperPizza Entertainments
CategoryAndroid Messaging Applications

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